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Attacked By A Pack of Dogs

Don't worry. I won't gross you out with photos. I didn't get a photo of the dog anyway. 

I live in a country full of street dogs. They are everywhere. It's not uncommon to see 2-3 large scary-looking animals perched on someone's property. Most people get dogs for protection. Alarm systems aren't a thing here. And by the time the police arrived, it would be too late anyway. So dogs are an instant deterrence. One dog is enough. Three dogs ensures no friends, no visitors, no mail, no one will come near your house ever.


As you can imagine, I have encountered many dogs while traveling through villages around Thailand. I have been chased, snapped at, cornered, and frightened more times than I care to admit, but I have never been bit. 


One day, as I was in a village, Between four to five Cujo-looking dogs shot out of the front of someone's yard and circled me in the street. I'm not too proud to tell you that I was indeed frightened. The more I yelled loudly and tried to make myself look bigger so I could get away, the closer these beasts got to me. Two became very aggressive with me and took a hunk of my calf. I heard a man say something and instantly the dogs retreated. I never saw anyone though. I looked down at my leg and there was a sizable hole in the middle of my calf with some marks all around it. 


Some villages are often very beautiful because they are hidden in the jungles or mountains, but the downside is, medical treatment isn't readily available. No one has clean water. No one has medical supplies. The floors are made of dirt or wood. It is impossible to clean injuries or keep them from getting infected. So if you're injured in remote areas; pray. 


I just assumed by the time I could get treatment in the city, my leg would have to be amputated. I couldn't remember how long it took to work, but I knew rabies was fatal. I was prepared for amputation or To Kill A Mockingbird fate. It never came though. 


I had previously had 2 full sets (6 injections) of the rabies vaccination. The doctor gave me a two rounds booster, said there wasn't enough skin or tissue on my calf to be able to sew it up and told me to be careful with dogs. 


Thanks Doc. 

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