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Timshol Newsletter

While we would love for you to share these stories with others about what God is doing in Thailand, we ask that you do not post this publicly on social media with our names attached. Thank you for understanding.

Sawasdee Kraup Timshol Family.


A few more stories.


A few more things to pray about. 

A lot to give glory to God for. 

Full Circle

The 112...

Full Circle

In 2018, I nearly died from complications with Dengue Fever. I was hospitalized for 19 days, and it was the first and only time in my life that I verbalized I was ready to be home with the Lord.

Full Circle
Man Walking Through Passage

What is going on with Thailand's government? Maybe you've heard rumblings that something is amiss in Thailand after their recent elections earlier this year, even though the people voted for a new prime minister on May 14, 2023.

Full Circle

As you may or may not know, 2018 was a bad year for me. It was a good year for ministry but a tough year, personally.  ​ The second day of the new year kicked off six weeks of emotional turmoil in the family with something I can't share with you here.

Baby Reindeer Hunting
Christmas Tree Ornament

I went "Baby Reindeer Hunting" in a remote village in Thailand. Yes. Baby Reindeer. Thailand is located 15 degrees above the equator, so naturally, I was skeptical from the start. To be clear: we weren't hunting baby reindeer for sport: We were hunting because that was the only way we would eat. The village leader pulled two handmade musket rifles from underneath his house and said that if we didn't find any reindeer, we would not have food for the next few days.

On a trip to a village in Mae Taeng, Ajarn Pichai told us we would be sharing the Gospel in 4 surrounding villages. He gave me four warnings: 1) These villages would take a while to get to because there aren't traditional roads. A city foreigner like me might have difficulty driving the terrain, he laughed. I can handle it, I said.

village 2.png
Ghost Village

For the last couple of years, our pastors all around Thailand faithfully walk and pray throughout their villages every morning. They were taught to assess their community's physical and spiritual needs and engage with people outside their homes. 1) These villages would take a while to get to because there aren't traditional roads. A city foreigner like me might have difficulty driving the terrain, he laughed. I can handle it, I said.

Blind Man Asks For Prayer

Over the years, I became friends with a young Thai couple who own a small bakery and restaurant. They are mid-thirties and unable to have children. So they were excited that I asked them to come to our house and teach Makayla how to cook and make bread as she was out of school.

Ghost Village
Blind Man Asks For Prayer
Makayla Gets First Job
Makayla Gets First Job

First and foremost, our ministry teaches and trains indigenous people to reach their country with the Gospel. That is at the core of who we are and central to our actions. Sometimes, however, there is a need in our local villages that goes outside our purview. For instance: during Covid lockdow

Bomb Playground

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, our ministry was forced to change. Most of us were unable to leave our homes except to buy food. Our churches were mandated to close. There was no meeting of any kind. We recognized that the church was never a building and realized there is opportunity in chaos.

contiguous us.jpeg
Prayer Walking
Cute Dog

I live in a country full of street dogs. They are everywhere. It's not uncommon to see 2-3 large scary-looking animals perched on someone's property. Most people, it seems, get dogs for protection. Alarm systems aren't really a thing here. And to be honest, by the time the police arrived, it would be too late anyway. So dogs are an instant deterrence.

Dog Attack

I'm making light of this situation because it is by the grace of God we walked away. That is a difficult concept to comprehend. Especially when you read the next story. I was in one of our villages, physically building an extension of a home for a new church we were planting. To be clear, I never build anything. The

Flying Car
Dukes of Hazard

In February 2021, the Burmese military successfully overthrew the democratically elected leaders and, with the help of foreign governments, began committing acts of genocide against ethnic minorities in certain regions. Two of these regions, Shan State and Kachin State, are close to Thailand.

Death of Pastor

Which do you want to know about first? Adie making the soccer team, or her going to a dance with a boy? I'll do my best to help maintain the suspense. In July 2020, Adie had emergency major spine surgery due to idiopathic scoliosis that got out of control. Her spine was pressing into her shoulder blade. She wore a brace for two years of her life, and whenever I

Adie soccer and boy

One of our first and largest churches is in northern Thailand. It ministers to Thai, Burmese, and Chinese people. During the week, we use the building to train Chinese pastors who serve in mainland China. Hundreds of pastors have trained here on-site, and thousands of church leaders have experienced training sessions at the church. We will never know to

jireh 2_edited.jpg

I've been reminiscing lately, thinking back to the "good ol' days." Specifically, I've been thinking about 7 years ago; 2015 to be exact. Several memorable things happened in 2015. For instance: * Windows 10 was released * Star Wars The Force Awakens was released

7 years

The atrocities that have taken place in Myanmar over the last 2 years are still happening today. Please continue to pray and click here to see latest update

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