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Makayla's First Job


Over the years, I became friends with a young Thai couple (Dao and Aof) who own a small bakery and restaurant.

They are mid-thirties and unable to have children. So they were excited that I asked them to come to our house and teach Makayla how to cook and make bread as she was out of school.


After three sessions, they told me they couldn't come teach Mak anymore because their cafe was struggling financially and they had to let go of their staff.


Twelve-year-old Makayla immediately volunteered to work at their shop. No payment was necessary. She just wanted to help them.


For the next six weeks, Makayla woke up early and worked from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm - six days a week. (This was 100% Makayla's idea and decision. She wanted to work.)  During that time, the restaurant was packed nearly every day. What the owners didn't know was that Makayla had advertised to everyone she knew that she had a new job, and asked people to come visit her at the shop. More customers meant more work for Makayla, but she loved every minute of it. 


The couple got a huge financial blessing through free direct marketing from Makayla, but this would also include a more extensive repeat customer base as the people who came to see Makayla, loved their food. Dao and Aof also received an opportunity to love a child who constantly gives love to other people. We shared the Gospel with them in a way that warmed their hearts to want to know Christ.  


Makayla learned some real-life skills and had fun in the process. Working in a restaurant is hard work, and while she wasn't paid money, they overly compensated her with food. She gained about 10 lbs as the chef made her special breakfasts, lunches, donuts, and special drinks - every day. All day. I think it probably cost more to feed her than if they just would have paid her wages. 

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