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Seven Years


I've been reminiscing lately, thinking back to the "good ol' days." Specifically, I've been thinking about 7 years ago; 2015 to be exact. Several memorable things happened in 2015. For instance: 
* Windows 10 was released
* Star Wars The Force Awakens was released
* Apple Music was released
* China abolished its one-child policy after 35 years
* People everywhere were dancing to Uptown Funk
* Millennials became obsessed with avocado toast 
* People laughed at Left Shark from the Superbowl halftime show
* The whole world was turned upside down about a gold and white dress being black and blue 

Maybe more significantly: 

Seven years ago we sold our house, all of our possessions except for a few boxes, and then proceeded to say goodbye to all of our family and friends to take the Gospel to Thailand; a country where 69.65 million people out of 70 million people didn't know Jesus Christ. 

By the grace of the Lord, future generations of South East Asian people will know Jesus Christ as Lord and speak of how the Lord brought them from darkness in to His marvelous light. Strong foundations have been laid to build upon. 

The question seems to be: so what comes next?

Actually, the question most posed to Erika is, when will Steve take a break?

God took six days to create everything, and then he rested on the 7th day. 

Many mission organizations require a six-month to one-year sabbatical between the third and fifth year of serving overseas. By those standards, we are long over due. 

We are seeking the Lord for sure. However, in the mean time... my foot is on the gas. Psalm 144 says:

Blessed be the LORD

Yahweh is my rock...
He trains my hands for war.
and my fingers for battle.

He is my steadfast love

He is my fortress
He is my stronghold

He is my deliverer
He is my shield

He is my refuge

What is man that you regard him?
What is man that you think of him?

We are like a breath.
Our days are like a passing shadow.

Thank you for standing with us for the last seven years. 

May the Lord receive all of the glory for everything we have done together. 

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